1. an experienced and trusted adviser.
    "he was her friend and mentor until his death"
    synonyms: adviser, guide, confidant, confidante, counsellor, consultant, therapist.


  1. advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).

During my career so far, I have been at different companies, in different countries. I have had the pleasure to work with many different colleagues from different cultures. This leads to learning a lot of different approaches to dealing with situations in the work-place, as well as individual growth.

For some people individual growth and/or dealing with work-place situations comes easier than for others, but in any case, a form of guidance makes dealing with these two aspects of a career a lot more managable. Even though one might not feel like they have a need for a mentor, it never hurts to have somebody available.

Personally I’ve had multiple mentors up until now, either because one was proposed to me by my employer, because they felt it was good to have such a resource available, or because I requested somebody to be my mentor, or because quite simply… They never actually found out I considered them a mentor for me. One might argue that in a way these people are role-models, but then again, these were role models I had access to. I could ask them questions. I could make mistakes in front of them, and they would be able to help me avoid making the same, or similar mistakes in the future. Weiterlesen